Our GA Standards want to us to interact with community resources for Latinos, and holidays are an excellent way to explore those.  We are soon starting the season of Lent.  Most Spanish-speakers are Catholic Christians and observe the associated traditions.

Here is a cuando pasa calendar.  Then we have Genesis Radio for believers who want to be uplifted during this time.  We find examples like this of Christian blogs in Spanish as we approach Lent.  Many  Latinos might utilize the liturgy (day and evening) to guide their prayers/thoughts.  Since the Pope is an important figure for many Catholic Christians, many will read his words translated into Spanish regarding Lent 2011.  Here is a popular translation of the Bible (Edición Reina-Valera, 1909).

There are also good resources available/targetted towards us.

Some information and practices are here.

Here are some Spanish tapas and then main courses served for Lent.