There is actually a film awards for foreign language students called the LAFTAs in the UK.


Leadership: Teachers Helping Students

A TED talk by General Stanley McChrystal shares lessons from failure and leadership.  I feel like I learned something precious about being a teacher from his words:

“In one sentence, he lifted me, put me back on my feet and taught me that leaders can let you fail and yet not be a failure.”


“A leader isn’t good because they’re right; they’re good because they are willing to learn and to trust.”

He talks about the gap in generations, the effect of technology and experiences across that gap and how he became a much better listener because of these challenges.


Want to visit the great art museums?

Google Art Project

-You can create your own gallery! (and send things to your friends etc.)

-You can see so closely to notice details that you’d never see even in person, from events to brush strokes.

See how it came about…


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Placement Test, please

Many of us want to know where our students would land on a placement test as we start work on a new year or semester.  Enter University of Wisconsin!  (Thanks for letting us use your Spanish Placement Test.)


Colors audio-visual activity with the Spanish Royal Family

I love this photo activity with part of Spain’s Royal Family.  Students listen to the descriptions of the clothing and fill in the blanks below the audio file.



Oh my, friends.  Have you had the pleasure of working with the site Bablingua?  Oh my, what an awesome resource.  The focus of this site is listening/viewing to improve vocabulary and very specifically the spoken versions.  They have videos, games and help for teachers.