Silliness, I know.

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what a Spanish teacher might do with her evening once the kiddies have found sleep.  Here is a good idea.  This is mainly Sweetness’ fault for those of you who know of my wonderful husband.  Just click below.

Star Wars Levels of Spanish


Focus on Music: Batanga

Want to keep current with popular Latin Music?  Check out!

You can just listen to artists/songs for free and explore what’s out there right now.

Wicked Deception

Ooh la la, have we hit the jackpot.  I’m working on ways to share with students the benefits and drawbacks of available online materials.  Typically I have no trouble with dictionaries, but the translators make some cheating possible (usually noticed though–use of advanced constructions etc.) and/or botch up whatever it is they’re trying to communicate.  If anyone has ideas for dictionary activities etc., I’m so interested!

Here is a youtube minimovie that I love.  It uses online translators to give us an eventual (Eng-French-German-French-English) dialogue in English that is quite hilarious.  (Subtitles let you know what the original was.)