Powerpoints for all vocab topics in Realidades 1

Sra. Shirley has provided a WONDERFUL set of vocabulary powerpoints with our Spanish I Textbook, Realidades 1.  Check out her site!

Spanish III Computer Lab 8/28/09

You know foreign language is important…check out a bit more.



What to do now in Spanish III


  • Scroll down to look at text online (“Textbook” in tag cloud)
  • Check out post under “Extra Credit” called “Spanish III Extra Credit listening (climate, geography)”


Preterit Practice


Choose activities that you’d like to try.  Please challenge yourself: if it’s too easy, go back to this menu and find an entry with activities that help you improve.


For when you’re ready: Preterit vs. Imperfect




Random review


Look through the tags/menu on the right to find areas to review with games, activities, podcasts or power points.