Site review: Spanishflashcards (tripod)

Wow, I don’t even know where to start on this site…

You’ll notice several columns, and as you scroll through each, there is so much information in a variety of areas.  It could be printable cards that show examples of stem changing verbs or activities with vocabulary (flash-card related).  There is a lot of content here.  Ser and Estar is here.  Preterito is here!  There are a couple of links to textbooks like Realidades I and II.  Vocabulary topics like animals, colors, alphabet, house, clothing, family and food are prominent.  Check it out!!


Realidades 3 Grammar Topics

Sra. Shirley’s grammar powerpoints for Spanish III are available online as well!

Conjuguemos Practice Self-correcting activities!

Need to brush up on your mad skillz?  Well, check out this menu at the Conjuguemos site (which I normally look to for simple conjugation work).  I was shocked to find all of these resources!