Spanish I Chp 2 Computer activities EC

Textbook online:

Print yourself the handouts of vocab from our book (in case that’s your only reason for toting that book): and

Do a little review with your book: (pick topics)  What did you learn?


Practice vocab while you’re at it!: or How did you do?  What did you learn?


Practice “estar”: How did you do?  What did you pick up here?


Let’s look at an online school unit: Experiment with it and record anything useful.



Try this activity using a panoramic visual (you might have to download quicktime—go for it).  How did you do?


Play wheel of fortune with How did that go?




Let’s review at or


Record how you do on two of these…


–Treasure Hunt

[Like these games?  They have more (for other topics too) at ] (menu)


Verb Conjugation: extending to –er and –ir  verbs:

Use,6,9,11,18,24,53,42,46,50 as an activity to learn the endings for –er and –ir verbs.  What are they?  Draw the six boxes for each.



Variety of grammar and vocab:

Work with Dr. Lemon’s opportunities here.  What could you use later from her site?


How about some verb action (along with other grammar choices)? Find something helpful here.  What did you pick up here?

Scroll through and write down one area/topic you could use (include all info!).

Spanish III 2 octubre 2012

-Prueba 2-1 (arte)

-art activities (handout, back of journal entries) on Zach Jones’ website

-look at art/culture project, decide, brainstorm, research…

-present perfect activities (hands on, not using computer)

-journal entry 1 if time

-take a look at study guide: test is Wed, Oct 17th