Beginning Survey

Welcome to Spanish I (Fall 2016)!  Please use this google form to tell me about yourself.


Using phones/computers to quiz students

Check out these options for infusing lessons with technology in an appealing way to students: with their phones. :)


(We’re trying this one today–it actually takes into account how quickly they can answer, and it’ll show who is in the lead if you wish to show them.)


(I haven’t used this one yet.)


(I used this often last year as a ticket out–I couldn’t guarantee total participation, but most students did participate or look over a shoulder.)


Why Study Spanish?

The Huffington Post has a nice slideshow for why Americans today should study Spanish specifically.

Also here is a youtube made last Spring by some teachers to assist with the same information.


Why Standards Help

We need to know where we are heading as learners and teachers so we have State Standards. Not everyone appreciates various incarnations of them, but overall they seem to be a good idea. Otherwise, we could end up like this fellow.


Spanish I Syllabus Fall 2013

Here’s a quick glance of what to expect for Spanish I this Fall.Image


Ser vs. Estar Rap

This is probably the best one I’ve seen for digesting the differences between ser and estar.