Check out  for information on topics from beginner level to advanced that includes audio files, flash cards and practice activities!


Powerpoints for all vocab topics in Realidades 1

Sra. Shirley has provided a WONDERFUL set of vocabulary powerpoints with our Spanish I Textbook, Realidades 1.  Check out her site!

Spanish I, computer lab 9/10/08

Dictionaries online

My favorite:

Making adjectives agree in gender and number (adjectives and how they work; basic with pictures too) (how they work) (examples of English and Spanish descriptive adjectives) (this site also explains how adjectives work and agree along with examples)

 ***Later at home, check out the youtube explanation at:


Spn I Chapter 1 Poster or Powerpoint Project

Here below is an example of a “poster” with certain key elements in bold to help you focus on the gender of adjectives etc.  The information that changes for each person doing the poster is underlined.


Also, I have a powerpoint example.  This blog for some reason doesn’t want to upload it here so please email me if you’d like me to send it to you as an attachment.


Como son? game