Using phones/computers to quiz students

Check out these options for infusing lessons with technology in an appealing way to students: with their phones. :)


(We’re trying this one today–it actually takes into account how quickly they can answer, and it’ll show who is in the lead if you wish to show them.)


(I haven’t used this one yet.)


(I used this often last year as a ticket out–I couldn’t guarantee total participation, but most students did participate or look over a shoulder.)

Spanish II, Computer Lab, 9/30/08

I. Webquest for Dia de los Muertos

Go to this site and use the handouts to follow directions:

II. Reflexives verb game

III. Find any left over visuals for tomorrow’s oral.  Those of you who are set that way, explore and attempt to play this game:


IV. Are we ready for college?

Read this first debate (the two different perspectives) about students being ready to go on to college and then answer the questions that follow here.

1. Do you think you’re ready for college?

2. What can we do about this problem?