Site review: Spanishflashcards (tripod)

Wow, I don’t even know where to start on this site…

You’ll notice several columns, and as you scroll through each, there is so much information in a variety of areas.  It could be printable cards that show examples of stem changing verbs or activities with vocabulary (flash-card related).  There is a lot of content here.  Ser and Estar is here.  Preterito is here!  There are a couple of links to textbooks like Realidades I and II.  Vocabulary topics like animals, colors, alphabet, house, clothing, family and food are prominent.  Check it out!!



Check out  for information on topics from beginner level to advanced that includes audio files, flash cards and practice activities!

A blog about learning Spanish

It’s a blog of exchanges, so to speak.  Check out:

It has topics/resources much like this blog but more informative, more official.


Spanish II Grammar Topics

Sra. Shirley must be an angel since she made all of these powerpoints for our grammar topics in the text, Realidades 2!


Spanish I Grammar Topics

Work through our grammar topics in Realidades 1 with these clever powerpoints by Sra. Shirley.


A great site for grammar, verbs and vocabulary


Spanish Grammar Drills