Zoe Michelle Weldon

May 15, 2008 @ 4:43pm

8lbs 5oz

21 in


I can’t go to the hospital yet, but we’re making progress with contractions and with many other “signs” that she’s close to being here.  I had a check up this morning, and everything looks fantastic! 

I hope classroom progress is coming along too! :)  Portfolios, final assignments, writing folders.  I’m sure you’re doing your best and doing a great job!  I look forward to seeing how you all finished up.  Even though I’m not there, I am definitely thinking of you all.

Take Care,

Sra. Weldon

No baby yet…

Just an update: although it’s officially the due date for our little Zoë, the midwives and I don’t think she’ll be on time.  I’m working hard though!  Lots of squats, swimming and bouncing on the birth ball.

And of course I miss you all and hope all is going well! :)

Take Care,

Sra. Weldon