Spanish I, computer lab 9/10/08

Dictionaries online

My favorite:

Making adjectives agree in gender and number (adjectives and how they work; basic with pictures too) (how they work) (examples of English and Spanish descriptive adjectives) (this site also explains how adjectives work and agree along with examples)

 ***Later at home, check out the youtube explanation at:


Spn I Writing Folder Final Exam

Here are all of your handouts for the final exam.  Keep in mind that you will have been given these already, but just in case you have lost or messed up papers, here they are:







*Please remember to always leave your folder in class to ensure that all work is done under supervision.

art oral guidelines

Presentación oral sobre el arte: dos minutes o más


Hay que usar una copia/photo en color de la obra para describirla.


Por favor, incluye:

  • Título de la obra
  • Artista
  • Fecha
  • Por qué te gusta o destaca
  • Por qué se pintó o es importante (intención del artista, situación histórica etc.)
  • Descripción física de la obra (hay mucho vocabulario en tu capítulo)



Spn III anuncio activity (Extra Credit)


Spanish III Extra Credit listening (climate, geography)

weather in Ecuador.  Write a brief summary in Spanish (three sentences).

Update: this EC applies now to Fall 2009 and is due to attach to Chp 1 Test (Sept 9, 2009)


Spanish III Extra Credit listening assignment

Here is a video of the Notes in Spanish team in Bangkok (Thailand)…

List five things you gathered from it (examples: what some vocab means that you didn’t know before, some facts about Bangkock or what Maria and Ben did or saw).


museo del prado lesson/assignments