Hispanos famosos

Want to learn more about famous Hispanics?  Check out these little videos:


They might give you some ideas for your Extra Credit project if you’re doing one!


Betsy’s Recap (EC)

Betsy keeps finding really cool stuff out there.


Same activity as last time: jot down comments on each of her links/reflections.  This time I’d especially like to see what you think of la Tomatina and Star Wars vs. Dia de los Muertos!

En preparación para el Día de la tierra 2010

Let’s check out some Earth Day buzz online…

1. From a blog in Perú last year (List at least ten cognates from the article.)


2. Check out the endagered animals from Latin America (scroll down) in 2008.  Write down three of the animals and their names in Spanish.


3. Check out this news roundup of sorts and jot down what you think two of the links/resources are.


4. Our very own EPA has a website in Spanish also.  Look at their “siete prioridades” (seven priorities) list and jot down four of them (in English).  Next to each one, write whether or not you think these things will happen.