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Powerpoints for all vocab topics in Realidades 1

Sra. Shirley has provided a WONDERFUL set of vocabulary powerpoints with our Spanish I Textbook, Realidades 1.  Check out her site!

Spn I Chp 2 computer lab 9/18/07

For this lab date, we are in Lab 1 by Mr. Quintero’s room.

 El horario de Raúl Stop after doing this first exercise…don’t go on to “in the dorm.”

 Saludos en la clase Try 2 or 3 of these (completing the exercise and using the next arrow).

 personal pronouns Read the synopsis/review and click next arrow for drills that follow.

ar verbs Read the synopsis/review and click arrow at bottom to go forward to the drill(s).

Once you’ve done each of the four activities, look for visuals for your oral and await instruction about the verbal portion so you can write out your sentences (to memorize).  This oral is due/presented to the class on October 1st.  It is memorized, but your visuals serve to remind you of each thing you’re supposed to say.

The visual aid(s) can be like mine: simple pages with clip art I can point to.  They can be flip books with one visual per idea or flashcards you can go through.  The visual aid could be a big sheet/poster with everything or smaller sheets for each class the way I did it.  You can use clip art, media images, magazine cutouts, drawings etc.  Anything will do!

Please remember: “clase” is feminine so words that describe like “primera” or “divertida” also need to be feminine.  With the items you use in each class, include the word for “the” in front (el, la, los, las).  Also, vary the activities in each class as well as those school supplies.

Conjugation concerns: nosotros for -ar as you know is “-amos.”  For -er verbs, it’s           “-emos” (as in “vemos la tele”) and for -ir verbs it’s “-imos” (as in “escribimos mucho”).