Wicked Deception

Ooh la la, have we hit the jackpot.  I’m working on ways to share with students the benefits and drawbacks of available online materials.  Typically I have no trouble with dictionaries, but the translators make some cheating possible (usually noticed though–use of advanced constructions etc.) and/or botch up whatever it is they’re trying to communicate.  If anyone has ideas for dictionary activities etc., I’m so interested!

Here is a youtube minimovie that I love.  It uses online translators to give us an eventual (Eng-French-German-French-English) dialogue in English that is quite hilarious.  (Subtitles let you know what the original was.)

Spanish II Computer Lab 4/23

Repasito: 1. do handout with incendios y cucarachas.  2. turn in your RAFT assignment (with all drafts, rubric and peer review).

A. Scan this FEMA site in Spanish and then pay special attention to the section called “Emergencias y Desastres Recientes” to answer the following questions.

1. ¿Dónde hubo un terremoto?

2. ¿Dónde hubo una tormenta de nieve?

3. ¿Dónde hubo una inundación?

B. Present Perfect Tense

Refresh the forms of haber needed in your notes and use the language guide to refresh your past participles.  Then play the quia quiz game for present perfect.

1. Write down your forms of haber plus some info on past participles (include normal verbs plus a few irregulars at least).

2. Write down how you did on the game.

C. Irregular Preterit Practice

Practice your conjugation with spaleon 1. here and 2. here .  How did you do on each one?

Practice with your textbook here.  How did you do?

Pick six verbs from BK Nelson’s menu/activity (that we have learned) and conjugate them.  Using the self-correction, how did you do?  Practice over and over until you no longer make mistakes.

D. Dictionary skills

Do the handout called Diccionario (on the back of your warm up).

One online Spanish dictionary that I find useful is www.spanishdict.com  Students often feel unsure about using the online resource because they will perhaps type in too many words to where it would be cheating.  When in doubt, stick to your paper/book style dictionary.

For more information on dictionary skills, see this former entry.

E. Skits (if time)

(Oxford) Dictionary Resources

The Spanish site for Oxford Dictionary is full of great resources!

The Take off in Spanish part has dialogues and a pronunciation guide.

If you’re looking for writing advice or example letters, this is a nice site also.

The site provides a key for grammar terms used, and it even takes the time to share interactive activities for practicing grammar etc.

I stumbled onto this site in general because I’m looking for dictionary skills practice and advice for students.  It seems like we really need to understand more about using them (particularly to avoid mis-using internet resources as regards our writing and cheating).  I made an activity last year that anyone is welcomed to use.  Click here: Diccionario skills for that document.