Spanish II computer lab for commands and directions

Take a look at forming commands with a powerpoint:

Here is the info in a different informational set up: and

*Write out notes for how to form an affirmative tú command here:

 Commands Game

*How did you do here?

Here’s a more difficult, exploratory commands game—don’t forget that the pronouns need to be attached to the end of affirmative commands.

*How did you do? Did you learn how any other commands work?

 Check out directions in México:,1,Slide 1

*What did you learn/pick up from this powerpoint?

Here’s a site for requesting directions in Spanish:


*What did you already know?

*What did you learn?

If you have earphones, listen to this eHow video on directions in Spanish:

*What did you learn from this instructor?

Click on some of the other videos below and do the same thing. (Also answer*)


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