Spanish I, Computer Lab 9/30/08

Remember that while this work is going on, we will be doing “La Rima” oral quizzes.  Good luck! :)

I. Webquest for Dia de los Muertos

Go to this site and use the handouts to follow directions:

(*note that the quest sheet isn’t in your papers and that you have two of the food sheets…just click on the quest link from the webquest and record answers on your pages without writing the questions)

II. Are we ready for college?

Read this first debate (the two different perspectives) about students being ready to go on to college and then answer the questions that follow here.

1. Do you think you’re ready for college?

2. What can we do about this problem?

III. Verb conjugation review and practice

1. Review with the following ppts/links:

IV. An interesting article that affect us:

Please answer for this cell phone story:

1. Do you think you need to be concerned about how much you use your cell phone?

2. Do you think our nation could be headed for an epidemic of sorts?

3. Will you tell your family about what this article said?  Why or why not?

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