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From a blog called Boing Boing, I read:

Man wakes up during autopsy

“I woke up because the pain was unbearable,” Camejo said…

His grieving wife turned up at the morgue to identify her husband’s body only to find him moved into a corridor — and alive.

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Spanish III Computer Lab 9/18/07

Repasito: look at rubric and do subjunctive verbs on back

Online: Let’s focus on pret vs imp practice and subjunctive. menu menu menu menu menu menu

Once you’ve worked on something from each menu, please look for visuals for your oral or work on the sentences you’ll use to speak. 

Media Center Spanish III Movie Maker Class




















Spanish III journeyed into the wide world of movie making and editing.  Mrs. Jill Rogers taught us about using the digital video camara, copyright concerns and editing the footage in Movie Maker. 

We’re interested in burning to DVDs immediately after editing, so she talked to us briefly about iMovie on her new Mac in the media center.  Mrs. Rogers also introduced us to Garage Band and iPhoto on the Mac.

While we’re still waiting for the distorted and wild photos from the Mac, here are some shots from my camara as well as some video footage of playing with Movie Maker in the media center.


p1010320.jpg                 p1010317.jpg             p1010316.jpg            p1010315.jpg            

p1010314.jpg                  p1010312.jpg             p1010313.jpg


Spn I Chp 2 computer lab 9/18/07

For this lab date, we are in Lab 1 by Mr. Quintero’s room.

 El horario de Raúl Stop after doing this first exercise…don’t go on to “in the dorm.”

 Saludos en la clase Try 2 or 3 of these (completing the exercise and using the next arrow).

 personal pronouns Read the synopsis/review and click next arrow for drills that follow.

ar verbs Read the synopsis/review and click arrow at bottom to go forward to the drill(s).

Once you’ve done each of the four activities, look for visuals for your oral and await instruction about the verbal portion so you can write out your sentences (to memorize).  This oral is due/presented to the class on October 1st.  It is memorized, but your visuals serve to remind you of each thing you’re supposed to say.

The visual aid(s) can be like mine: simple pages with clip art I can point to.  They can be flip books with one visual per idea or flashcards you can go through.  The visual aid could be a big sheet/poster with everything or smaller sheets for each class the way I did it.  You can use clip art, media images, magazine cutouts, drawings etc.  Anything will do!

Please remember: “clase” is feminine so words that describe like “primera” or “divertida” also need to be feminine.  With the items you use in each class, include the word for “the” in front (el, la, los, las).  Also, vary the activities in each class as well as those school supplies.

Conjugation concerns: nosotros for -ar as you know is “-amos.”  For -er verbs, it’s           “-emos” (as in “vemos la tele”) and for -ir verbs it’s “-imos” (as in “escribimos mucho”).


Some quizzes:

Check out these sites if you think stress might be affecting you:

From that site:

Healthy stress relieving methods as framed by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

  • Eat a well balanced nutritious diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid caffeine, tobacco and substance of abuse like alcohol, drugs etc
  • Follow simple stress relief methods like deep breathing, listening to music, recreational sports
  • Develop assertiveness training skills
  • Learn to be practical. Look for an alternative if the task is very stressful.
  • Have high self esteem
  • Learn to say no. By doing this a teenager can sort out important things in his life.
  • Have good sense of humor
  • Watching stress relief cartoons
  • Have a good social relationship
  • Discuss the problems with a trusted person and try to find his view of the problem
  • Engage in hobbies like drawing, writing singing or playing with pets.