One thought on “Hispanic Artists Powerpoint

  1. Well iam a big fan of music but not so much bands but R&B also some rap. Some pf the names of the people i love to listen is J Holiday,MusiqSoulchild, Mary J. Blige for my R&B but most defently not all of them. Some of the rap artist are people such as Hurricane Chris, GorrilaZoe, SoldierBoy and much more id like to see some more of that even though alot of people i know that arent the same ethnic groups dont like what i like but it isnt that bad i enjoyed reading some of the music that you had up there also. i also enjoy country and pop! I also love poetry but im a real big sucker for Romeo and Juliet my teacher Mrs. Howard my last lit teacher had a big hold on me. i also like the movies such as a sword in the stone and Hamlet and Lancelot also my favorite movie of all time is Sweet Home Alabama. Well thats about it see you in class!

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